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Nanushka Pre-Fall 2020 Womenswear collection

by pascal iakovou
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Nanushka’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection is inspired by the simplicity of monastic aesthetics with the atti- tude of 90’s grunge, all tied together with soft tailoring, comfortable layering, and crafty details. With the purpose of truly embodying the spirit of the modern bohemian, there’s a core focus on building a functional wardrobe with waves of masculine sensibility through specialty tailoring, 90’s strong shoulder suits, column silhouettes, all with the utmost focus on effortless beauty with very feminine additions of skin-baring dresses in the lightest satin. This collection approaches an effortless nomadic feel mixed with Nanushka’s bohemian spirit with attention to deconstructing and redefining its signature fabrics -vegan leather, tweed, and shirting.

This season, the mindset of doing more with less has been put into play in a myriad of ways. The upcycled innovation of patch-work vegan leather has been created with deadstock rootbeer, creme, and plum chutney vegan leather. It’s been made into straight-leg pants, a mini skirt, an elongated flared skirt, and the classic Hide puffer, all with outer stitching. Vegan leather is looked at with a new perspective -bonded vegan leather is used to add weight and create outer shirt jackets, while different types of pleats add playfulness to form fitting shapes.

The story print of the season is Balinese translated onto a 60’s pleat. Minimalist floral print on crepe silk and painted brown check is handpainted to create a diluted ‘watercolor’ finish on jersey material, adding a sense of eclectic delicacy. A color pallet consisting of earth tones, shades of brown, clay, and neutral darks is contrasted with hints of tinted yellow, mint, and aubergine to create statement pieces throughout. With the introduction of Nanushka’s new denim line, three core five-pocket silhouettes have been designed into a straight leg, wide leg, and a skinny fit.

Novelty styles are additionally created with a soft twill fabrication in mint and clay that has clear utility references. With attention on smart wear, single-breasted blazers, elongated column silhouette pants, and deep v-neck draped shirt-dresses add professional proportions that are worn well, both in cooler and warmer climates. A blend of linen and cotton make up oversized figurations of classic button-ups and a longer dress style, adding emphasis on exaggerated sizes in softer depths that lay on the skin delicately.

A core selection of knitwear is introduced; styles of chunky oversized wool cardigans, cable knit sweat- ers, knit biker shorts, and asymmetrical cut sweaters offer unique looks to quality textures. Elongated proportions are also added to create simple dressing in smart ways. With the addition of recycled cash- mere knit, the collection has been elevated to create a minimalist wardrobe for the modern bohemian.

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