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M Missoni First Collection

by pascal iakovou
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M as a piece of the Missoni DNA: a fragment that is true, and that as such ignites new stories, takes, interpretations. M as Margherita: a member of the Missoni family and a bearer of her own Missoni history and heritage, entitled at offering another point of view, her own point of view in fact, on Missoni, discovering the unsung songs, unearthing the forgotten gems, taking the scraps, the bits and the pieces, putting them in the blender and mixing them all back together. M Missoni is the result. Reuse, remix, respect are the bywords.

M Missoni is another angle on Missoni, a free-spirited one, using the archive as a lively place and a treasure trove, irreverently playing with authorized appropriation. The familiar Missoni codes are flipped and turned into a new esthetic, experimenting with bits and pieces that are recycled, repurposed and upcycled: scarves turn into dresses, leftover yarns into pullovers, furnishing fabrics into coats. Scraps of different fabrics are sawn together. An old perfume ad is used as a print, surplus buttons are amassed into necklaces. Old logos, long lost prints get a new life. The approach is fun and free, contemporary and responsible to boot, translating into pieces of clothing that can be mixed and matched according to individual whims, making the needs of daily life, everywhere, easy and playful. No barriers of age, gender, shape whatsoever. Everyone is welcome.

Expect the unexpected. In fact, today, the presentation takes the form of a tranche de vie as various characters of every age and walk of life get up and down from a tram crossing the city, decked in M Missoni but completely devoid of the catwalk antics. Is it theater or real life? Do we really need to know? Clothing is part of the mise en scene of daily life anyway, that’s for sure. The rest is individual interpretation.

M Missoni, ultimately, is an open source, ready to be reused, remixed, respected for days on end.

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