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Beautiful People Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection

by pascal iakovou
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Beautiful People Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection

Side C – Vol. 2

No need to be A or B, but both or neither. Side C is a way to look at classics that makes them look extraordinary; a way to move forward and create something new. The process is reversible rather than irreversible, fluid rather than static. It expands possibilities by actively involving the wearer, as shapes change along with use.

The interiors of the garments are the focus of the attention. What is normally hidden comes to the front. The body finds a new place, standing between the lining and the garment, as the back linings are peeled and worn, and the side seams are left open to let interior and exterior flip.

An interplay of restraint and indulgence, of covering up and revealing, for transformative pieces that can be interpreted in countless ways. The silhouette is long and fluid: coats, trenchcoats, dresses, knits draw a restrained long line that lets the body to be felt and the skin be seen. Floral and vegetal motifs are printed all over dresses or turned into jacquards on knitwear, following the patterns of what is generally hidden: the circulation and muscles systems, the internal organs. The invisible becomes visible, morphed to side C.

Body and dress become one, in infinite ways. Transformation as the essence of life. No need to be this or that, but both, or neither.

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