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Moynat Paris: Explore the Secrets of their Engineering Artistry

by pascal iakovou
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Bags are more than a means to carry one’s personal effects around; for Ramesh Nair they are an extension of one’s intimate personal space and an intensely personal form of self-expression.

This season, Moynat shines a light on the visible and invisible engineering feats of our metier, unveiling the marriage of engineering prowess with a design sensibility and aesthetic vision. Metalworking and technical expertise are just as important a part of the Moynat vocabulary as leatherworking skills and sensuality of line. In fact, many Moynat bags and trunks are designed around our sculpted and worked locks, closures and metallic “jewellery”.

Mini Vanity Inversed Pyramid

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Inspired by architectural icons of Paris, this inverted pyramid is suspended in a light metal frame, seeming to defy gravity. This audacious reinterpretation of the Mini Vanity pushes the boundaries of design as well as realisation, blending art, engineering and craftsmanship. Entirely hand-stitched and with the metal corner of a Moynat trunk juxtaposed to the tip of the pyramid, it is by far the most technically complex bag created in our ateliers.

Mini Vanity Macaron

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Recalling the shape of circular hatboxes, the Mini Vanity Macaron blends two almost-forgotten artisanal leatherworking techniques: the point jointure (mitre joint stitch) and the piqure d’angle (angle stitching).

A new bi-metal hasp closure with both gold and silver finish in different components of the lock has been developed for the Mini Vanity Macaron.

Mini Vanity Limousine

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For the 170th anniversary of Moynat, a special line of Mini Vanity bags has been created, with an added level of sophistication and skill from our artisans. Incorporating the signature, curved bottom of the Limousine, this season’s Mini Vanity carries the same bi-metal hasp closure as the Mini Vanity Macaron and comes in several versions:

  • All leather, including crocodile skin
  • Stone
  • Metal plaque, referring to the forged metal trunks used to transport precious stones, gold or jewels. The metal plaque can be individually engraved by our artists, creating custom designs and carrying Moynat personalisation to an unprecedented level.


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This easy yet elegant day bag is characterised by a curved, bicolour insert on the top and bottom. The twist lock previously seen in the Danse bag makes a comeback here lending the Polka a refinement and an Art Deco charm.

The Polka pouch is a perfect accompaniment for a cocktail ensemble or for when you want to add a touch of sophistication to your day.

Engraved closures


Graphic patterns engraved freehand on selected Réjane closures transform the signature clasp into veritable jewelry. A one-of-a-kind personalisation that is truly unique and unparalleled.

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