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Adeline Andre SS2012

by pascal iakovou
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The collection Adeline Andre showed on January 23rd at first look was too boring, too plain. The menswear and some of the women’s looks resembled uniforms for healthcare workers, extras from Woody Allen’s move Sleeper or ironically what you would expect the petit mains to wear while creating haute couture. Admittedly haute couture brings to mind the workmanship of the ateliers, Lesage embroidery for example; feathers and volume and drama. Andre showed, perhaps, a response to that. The clean lines of her clothes likely attract an intelligent woman who does not want to be overshadowed by what she is wearing. It was fitting the show was held in the studio of an architect. Contemporary architects have an affinity for clean lines and austerity. Upon closer review certain pieces do impress. The clothes incorporate small details not evident at first, a coat with a simple belt that is part of the garment. A plain white dress is actually made with a luxurious off-white knit. These are clothes for a woman who doesn’t need to show off her body or her money. I imagine the same woman is drawn to Akris and loved when Jil Sander was the designer at Jil Sander.

Christopher Macsurak

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