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Ladurée : The new surprising collection Eugénie

by pascal iakovou
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Discover Ladurée’s new delicacy: Eugénie

Ladurée, famous for its iconic macaroons, pays tribute this year to a historical female personality with its new creation: Eugénie.

This delicious little bite offers a surprising marriage of textures, with a crunchy gluten-free cookie, a melting heart and a crunchy chocolate coating reminiscent of the house’s famous macaroon.

The authentic perfumes, the exceptional raw materials and the natural colorants used give each Eugenie a unique sensation. Available in 8 iconic Ladurée flavors, each bite is priced at €2.50.

Flavors include black currant-violet, Marie Antoinette tea, pistachio, orange blossom, rose, caramel, vanilla and chocolate. Each of these flavors offers a different taste experience, with rich and complex tastes.

The packaging of these delicious bites is equally impressive. The « toile de Jouy » patterned boxes are adorned with unique designs of pastries, in tribute to Marie-Antoinette. The large fuchsia L on each box recalls the contemporary and colorful spirit of Ladurée. The boxes are available in three different sizes: 6, 12 or 18 bites, sold respectively at 19.50 €, 34 € and 49 €.

The Eugenies are available in all Ladurée boutiques in France, as well as on their website from February 15, 2023.

In short, Ladurée’s Eugenies are a new irresistible treat that offers a unique blend of textures and flavors. With their elegant packaging and availability online and in-store, Eugenies are an ideal gift for pastry lovers and Ladurée enthusiasts.

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