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Anna Hu Silk Road Music Collection

by pascal iakovou
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Voici la nouvelle collection de Haute Joaillerie ‘Silk Road Music Collection’ d’Anna Hu.

First Asian female member of Paris Haute Joaillerie Committee, ANNA HU, returns to Paris Haute Couture Week with a whole new musically inspired collection that would touch people’s hearts and souls. She will be unveiling the « Silk Road Music Collection » on July 1st and 2nd at Salon Louis XV in Ritz Paris.

Growing up as a trained classical cellist, ANNA HU has always been known as the only contemporary jewelry artist who passionately interlaces music and rarest gemstones – her two lifelong devotion, in her creations. Speaking of how she comes up with the « Silk Road Music Collection », HU says, “I have always been so fascinated by the culture from Silk Road, the most ancient route in the world. As I would like this collection to speak to my Chinese root, I decided to base my new creations on the traditional yet exotic Silk Road music.” « Silk Road Music Collection » includes five pieces of jewels, each delicately crafted in Paris by the most exquisitely skilled artisans. Among the five creations, the Dunhuang Pipa Necklace, with a jaw-dropping 100.02-carat fancy intense yellow diamond, is inspired by the beautiful Chinese instrument, pipa. This necklace can also be transformed into a brooch and a pair of earrings, offering the wearer more versatility in choosing their jewels. As ANNA HU has also been known for bridging East and West with her creations, she has created the Jadeite Cello Brooch, in which she elegantly illustrates cello, a classic western instrument, in Chinese jadeite – symbol of the East.

Other than « Silk Road Music Collection », there will also be nine other ANNA HU’s latest creations in Paris this time. Each piece all individually represents HU’s ongoing enthusiasm in music, culture, and nature, bringing the audience an eye-opening experience in art. M. Pascal Morand, Executive President of Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, will also join ANNA HU at the brand’s cocktail reception to congratulate her new collection and officially announce her as member of the Paris Haute Couture Committee on July 1st evening.

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