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Interview of a romantic style photographer : Nastja Kovacec

by Marie Renaud
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I had the chance to meet Nasjta Kovacec during an engagement shoot in Italy.

She work with her sister and they are so talented girls. Nastja photography style is poetic, romantique, young and fresh. That’s why I decided to realise an interview with this so amazing photographer.


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?
My name is Nastja Kovačec and I’m a wedding photographer. About three years ago I started my own photography business and ever since
I’ve been working full time as a wedding/engagement photographer, with a number of other lifestyle (family/maternity/newborn/boudoir) sessions a year.

2. When have you started to get interested in photography did you
take lessons?
I have been interested in photography for all my life. I got my first professional camera at the age of 14 and that is the age I started to experiment.

At first Iphotographed a lot of nature but quickly found my passion in portrait photography.

I never went to college to get my photography education, but I did read a lot of books and online articles.
However, I learned the most through experimentation.

3. What are you favorite shoot? weeding? portrait? nature? town?

I really enjoy photographing weddings and engagements. My photography style is very romantic and timeless. I love working with natural light and present my subjects in the most beautiful light possible.

4. Any fun/epic shooting memory you would like to share with us?
That is a hard one. I remember one « incident » that really left me speechless. I was once (at the begining of my career) scouting for the location for the wedding portaits.

I fell in love with a long tree avenueand quickly decided this has to be a location for wedding portraits. I didint look any further. Later I brought my couple at the location and as soon as we started photographing a police car suddenly drove by and started questioning us what we were doing. I didnt realise what the fuss was about so policeman kindly explained to us this is a prison ground and the nice long tree avenue that I fell in love was actually an entrance that led to the state prison…ups.

5. What photography gear do you use?
I use Canon with a variety of lenses that give a special touch to the photograph.


6. Do you spend a lot on processing for your portraits (on photoshop) ?
I only use Lightroom for editing. I rarely spend more than 5-10 minutes editing a picture, as I do not retouch the skin or do any other major changes.

7. Which photographers inspire you?
I love film photography and romantic wedding pictures. My biggest inspiration is Jose Villa, but I also love to follow other incredible wedding
photographers like Erich MyVey, Michael & Carina, Nadia Meli and 2Brides.

I also regularly follow Katelyn James and Jasmine Star forinspiration and tips how to successfully run a photography business.


8. Any projects or ideas for the rest of 2015? One word to wrap this up ?
I am planning some more styled shoots for this year, maybe some changes to my website branding, but other than that we’re pretty happy
where we are. We learn something new every day and it’s really important to understand you’re never done growing, learning.


You can find more photography of Nastja on her website :




Me with Francois Renaud in Venice


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