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Victoria’s Dark Angel: Doutzen The Diva?

by Spiro
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Early last month, Victoria’s Secret launched their summer-themed Miraculous Bombshell Bra & Swim Collection in Los Angeles.  That kicked off a Bombshell Summer Essentials tour, that’s seen them shuttling around sexy lingerie models to Victoria’s Secret stores all over the U.S. and Canada.  Fans have a chance to experience the new collection and meet the models at Victoria’s Secret stores in most major cities.  Model Doutzen Kroes stopped by Toronto yesterday to promote the Bombshell Collection at a media photo op in Toronto’s Eaton Centre, followed by an in-store meet and greet at the new Victoria’s Secret in Sherway Gardens, and ended with a more intimate invitational presentation at downtown Toronto’s members-only Spoke Club.

It’s All Style To Me caught up with one of the world’s top earning models where Doutzen talked to me about the new collection, her rural Frisian roots, and as always – style tips for the guys.  Nice enough to compliment me on my glasses and talk to me at length about Holland, she was clearly in a better mood that morning .  I had met the super-friendly Lily Aldridge and laid back Chanel Iman earlier this year and they were great.  Wish I could say the same about my experience with Doutzen and her publicist.  Later that afternoon, I was invited to attend The Spoke Club’s Victoria Secret event where I would run into a rather diva-like Doutzen with snarling publicist in tow.

Let me explain celebrity publicists to you guys.  Picture the hot girl in high school, the one who gets all of the attention and everyone dreams of dating.  Now think of her ugly friend.  You know the one.  She follows her day and night, does her homework for her, you get the picture.  Many of these Talented Mrs. Ripleys grow up to become celebrity publicists.  The rest become lawyers.

As Doutzen arrived inside the Spoke Club, I tried to snap a photo or two, but I was practically run down and shoved by her publicist and entourage.  Treated like a Hollywood paparazzo, she/it/the publicist condescendingly barked out, « No photos.  If you want a photo we can arrange to have one mailed. »  This, as Doutzen powered through pouting and muttering something about wanting her hand massage now.  The mongrelcist then ran over to the PR firm to complain about me.  The horror.  For the record, there were no signs or instruction that prohibited photography.

Well I thought we were there on business, not pleasure.  So, for more information on the Bombshell Bra & Swim Collection, may I suggest you contact Doutzen Kroes’ publicist.  She’ll mail you prices and information.  If you’re nice, you may even get a photo.  Bark, bark.

Doutzen Kroes for Victoria's Secret

Doutzen Kroes for Victoria's Secret Miraculous Bombshell Bra & Swim Collection

Doutzen Kroes Bombshell Collection

Doutzen Kroes Bombshell Collection - Photo c/o Owen McLeod ([email protected])

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