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Lenôtre Collection Saint Valentin 2023

by pascal iakovou
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Valentine’s Day Tied Hearts Collection

The union makes the love There are hearts made to love each other and hearts made to be shared. A heart in love is greedy, tender and soft like a caress. Our linked hearts entremets reveal themselves and write the story of a new gourmet flight. This year, the heart has its reasons that the House honors.

Under the watchful eye of Guy Krenzer, Lenôtre’s Creative Director, and Etienne Leroy, Lenôtre’s Head Pastry Chef, the company’s chefs and teams put their hearts into their work to delight lovers with the « Cœurs Liés » entremets.

Once again this year, the House called on artist Sophie Griotto to illustrate the visual universe of its Valentine’s Day collection. Inspired by the finesse of Asian paintings from which she draws her poetic and calligraphic line, Sophie Griotto expresses here the feeling of love through a flight of rose petals in the shape of a heart, worked in different graphic textures like the different facets of love. Carried away by a whirlwind of love, the petals detach from the crown of flowers while remaining linked by a red thread symbolizing eternal love. Chocolate Heart Entremets For chocolate lovers… On a crunchy chocolate cookie base and a crispy layer of hazelnut praline feuilletine, a melting heart of dark and milk chocolate cream is delicately placed. The whole thing is coated with a creamy dark chocolate mousse and decorated with a fine chocolate mirror icing.

Entremets Cœurs Liés au chocolat for 2 persons : 24 €.

Available from February 10 to 14, 2023 in stores and on the website www.lenotre.com

Pear and Tangerine Linked Hearts Entremets Declare to your loved one that your hearts are linked, thanks to this heart-shaped dessert composed of a cookie base and crispy duja, a soft Genoa bread cookie topped with a pear and tangerine compote, as well as a panna cotta-like mousse delicately flavored with tangerine. Entremets Cœurs Liés pear and tangerine for 2 persons : 24 €.

Available from February 10 to 14, 2023 in stores and on the website www.lenotre.com

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