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PFW party: Casa Kaspia, the art of Parisian late caviar nights

by pascal iakovou
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Casablanca and Caviar Kaspia present a capsule collection of ten pieces of ready-to-wear, accessories and caviar, born of a chance meeting between creative director Charaf Tajer and Ramon Mac-Crohon, CEO of the Kaspia Group. The playful conviviality is at the heart of the partnership. Casablanca’s signature silk shirts feature intricate hand-painted face prints inspired by the iconography, mosaics and historical signage of Caviar Kaspia’s flagship stores in Paris, Dubai, Sao Paulo, St. Petersburg and New York. Tropez, LA, London and New York, in tribute to their shared values of Parisian elegance. Après-sport pieces are made of soft jersey, adorned with a unique Casa Kaspia logo. Designed exclusively for the project, the casual sweatshirts are complemented by a Casa Kaspia baseball cap, embroidered with the same elegant double branding. A longtime admirer of the fashion institution and its dedication to the art of caviar, the partnership was simply a matter of time, according to the founder of Casablanca: « Caviar Kaspia is one of my favorite places to visit in Paris, the restaurant has great finesse in the way it unites fine dining with the fashion community. This collaboration offered us the opportunity to reconnect with old mutual friends as well, tapping into our community with great food and an atmosphere that only our two worlds can manifest. » Charaf Tajer, Creative Director. An elegant take on culinary essentials, the mother-of-pearl spoon, with its embroidered pouch, will be a coveted collector’s item, while the Baeri Imperial Caviar box is the playful centerpiece of the duo’s collaborative works, each showcasing Casa Kaspia’s newly formed design language. « I met Charaf some time ago at Caviar Kaspia, and we quickly realized that we shared a love of timeless luxury, something that both our brands are built on. Caviar Kaspia is a Parisian institution, symbolizing a certain classic and luxurious art of living that effortlessly adapts to the times. Casablanca shares this same passion for the past, with an eye to the future. I love how Casablanca captures the essence of timeless sport-chic infused with a vintage aesthetic. This collaboration is a celebration of our friendship and lifestyles. » Ramon Mac-Crohon, CEO of Caviar Kaspia Group. Casa Kaspia will be available from March 2, only on casablancaparis.com and caviarkaspia.com.

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