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Vaishali S Autumn Winter 2022

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Vaishali Shadangule’s Autumn Winter 2022 collection is named Srauta, a word taken from ancient Vedic Sanskrit texts and meaning ‘sacrifice’ as an act by which we surrender something for the sake of the gods. It represents the flow of energy that connects everything in nature and how it sacrifices itself in one form to come to life into another form in a seamless flow that is the secret of life. A demonstration of this flow is the metamorphosis that a strand of hair or fur from an animal goes through in its journey, the hair becomes part of a thread, which gives life to a fabric, which is finally transformed apparel, to ultimately being a part of a garment in Vaishali’s Srauta collection. The designer has studied this flow of energy carefully to ensure that the flow is as seamless and sustainable as possible, ensuring the message of love is carried forward. This Milan Fashion Week also marks the global launch of Vaishali S’ prêt-à-porter line and with this launch, the designer continues to position Indian hand weaves at the top of international luxury, through unique global silhouettes. The collection features not only embroideries but full-fledged haute couture design and fabrics in a fresh prêt avatar, that shines the spotlight on hand-woven Indian textiles. As with all Vaishali’s collections, the Srauta collection too emphasises excellence in workmanship, with sustainability, zero waste and has circularity at its core. To ensure continued support and positive social impact on craft clusters, Vaishali has employed weaves used in the past in this collection as well. With the aim of pushing the boundaries of her commitment to sustainability, Vaishali has used blockchain technology for this collection, which will guarantee the technical traceability of garments’ history, thereby ensuring not only that sustainability is the focus throughout all processes, but also guaranteeing that clients can trace the journey of the hair fibres of the goat, in case of Pashmina, to the final garment, with a quick scan of a QR code. Employing her unique flair for effortlessly blending traditional weaves and techniques with dramatic silhouettes, Vaishali’s Srauta collection, amongst other fabrics, extensively explores the use of hand-woven Merino wool from Bengal, and Pashmina from Ladhak, both of which will keep the wearer warm in colder seasons and surprising cool in the warmer months. The palette is comprised of jewel tones such as deep aquamarines, ruby reds, shimmering amethysts, pearly whites, jade greens, and slate greys. The continued partnership with VIBRAM has also brought a winter collection of sustainable products. VIBRAM, the Italian world leader in soles manufacturing, has taken serious commitment to sustainability. By cooperating on their project “Component, the innovative sole system by VIBRAM”, the shoes for the collection have been developed with the leftover fabrics of the prêt-à-porter collection on a 96% recycled sole. Furthermore, the easiness of detaching the upper part of the shoe and creating your own new one with old clothes really takes circularity to a deeper level. The inception of the partnership was during the Paris Haute Couture Week and has been continuing to flourish.

For more information, please visit www.vaishali-s.com

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