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Spring – Summer Collection

The bread, the oil, the almonds, the wine

The bread
It has always been the base of alimentation. Made according to ancient tradition, with sourdough and baked in the wood oven, it keeps memory of the past being new each time. The bread, along with oil, almonds and wine, is the allegory of the thoughts behind the new Luisa Beccaria collection and its launch through the vivid and emotional short movie shot with the Lola Montes Schnabel, artist and film maker.
We are living times which mark the need for a new lifestyle, in order to take authentic values back, moving towards nature and its rhythm, unlimited source of joy and beauty, and getting back to a new “humanism”.
It means fusion between innovation and tradition, a concept that is in the Luisa Beccaria DNA, underlined by the brand unique vision which mixes poetry, quality and sustainability through the idea of “simple life”.
A good dress should not be ephemeral and victim of seasons, but a girl’s best friend in her closet, able to give beauty on and on. That’s how it becomes green, avoiding the accumulation of fast fashion items. “Each woman’s anxiety disappears behind a new dress”, so the mission of creating doesn’t halt, making wide-usable, durable, timeless dresses for different situations.
The new Luisa Beccaria Spring – Summer collection mixes must-haves with fresh and comfy everyday clothes, for a woman who wants to create her bespoke style, sharing the brand’s love for art, nature, poetry, dream. It is a voyage among fabrics and textures as well as visions and emotions, indulging ton he ancient Greek motto “Know Thyself”.

The oil
The one 100% made in Italy, just like Luisa Beccaria clothing, is perfect for each occasion and with every match. The oil represents the second part of the “Know Thyself” Spring – Summer collection, a round-up of timeless dresses, designed for every age and situation, thought as basic elements for creating a look.
Oil is the soft lace midi-dress with impalpable chiffon sleeves. It’s the classic-neck chemisier, borrowed by the man wardrobe, made more feminine by floral print and gentle flounces. It’s the weightless water-toned blouse with broad sleeves tied at the wrists and delicate rouches. It’s the light green carved cotton and the caftan. The almonds
Sweet, crispy and… fluid, when they become fresh and light almond milk. They symbolize the synthesis of a thousand tones of white and textures resembling the fruit sensory profile.This part of the collection is a sequence of total-white dresses questioning the ideas of ethereal and tangible beauty, mixing smooth weaves and needlework, embroideries and carving, ample and tight silhouettes. Almonds are the statement of a non-ordinary color, which talks in a unique way with sunlight.

The wine
A touch of liveliness, that able to make convivial any situation and to exhilarate. Wine embodies the concept of the two complementary ending parts of “Know thyself” collection, each one a chest of several inspirations.
The first focuses on comfort, with a special attention to those clothes which envelops, cuddles with soft fabrics like cotton and silk. It’s the case of the brand iconic dresses: the Luisa dress, which puts the softness of a robe and the structure of a rendigote together, seen in multiple versions, and the Bottoncini dress, a long tight-waisted silk chemisier, with small watercolor-like floral print and asymmetric skirt. Micro and macro floral pattern, with wisteria and hortensia hues, is seen on soft jumpsuits with flare pants. Transparencies make their way in through chiffon, on quasi-crop flounced blouses and light A-shaped skirts. Satin and lace, taken from underwear codes, are seen on two-pieces and petticoat dresses.
The second, for the night, goes on with the impalpability concept, now drawn on more substantial and fluid pieces. Mermaids surface from water, covered by paillettes, with deep necklines and glares sensually enhancing the silhouette: silver patterns with polychrome touches sketches a metallic garden. Transparencies and tridimensional floral embroideries create charming shapes overlapping colors and fabrics. Rouches, one of the brand couture keywords, make wide lavender-toned tulle skirts from which a tight low-necked bustier appears. Luisa Beccaria SS21 Collection The short movie is entirely shot at Feudo del Castelluccio, in the Sicilian countryside. It is the designer’s six child, restored and brought back to life by her and Lucio Bonaccorsi, her husband, few years after their wedding. On camera: Luisa Beccaria, Anna, her ninety-year-old mother, and her daughters Lucilla (the brand co-designer), Lucrezia and Luna, alongside with their friends Carlotta and Yamali.

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