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EACH x OTHER Spring/ Summer 2021 PFW

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This season, Each x Other returns to its early inspirations from late 1960s New York and the Factory’s extravagant and artistic spirit, playing with codes and icons from consumer and pop culture. Andy Warhol’s muses are morphed with today’s celebrities to dance and express themselves in an atmosphere of mixed plastic glamour and subtle decadence, real and unreal, as a reflection of today’s digitalized society.

From Basquiat to Brillo to Equal to Eats Amazing, this new vision presented in Each x Other’s digital SS21 runway collection highlights wardrobe essentials together with reinvented corporate logotypes, fun positive messages, together with spoken powerful statements from the situationist movement and the monumental work The Society of the Spectacle by French philosopher Guy Debord.

Fusing the features of the classic men’s wardrobe into feminine silhouettes is the ambition of Each Other this season, drawing from its original inspiration the whimsical artistry of Andy Warhol’s Factory where individuals of different origins, genders, sexual orientations and social classes mingled, expressed themselves in an atmosphere of that have inspired generations after generations. This conscious and creative revolution constitutes Each x Other’s ideal.

Each x Other refers to encounters, the first step of any human relationship, but also to the building of individuality within an universal union wherein differences in gender, religion and sexuality do not build boundaries but erase them. Each x Other believes in the strength of a conscious, warm and welcoming unity. The language of Art is universal and allows to build an essential connection between every human being in the world. To be One with Each Other. It is an essential meditation that brings inner peace and allows to know yourself better through an introspection that is necessary, states Ilan Delouis, Creative Director.

Welcome to the Each x Other Social Club, the modern factory of dreams, ideas and human bonds. Each x Other wishes its audience to produce its own individuality; to create its own myths and invent its own history through an adamant will of knowledge and a global reflection on the structures of the world. Engage in our extraordinary discussion about our own values through art towards a higher purposes. We are all artists, we are all the sculptors of our own lives. Become the sculptor of your own destiny. Be yourself. Teach x Other.

On the strength of this will, Each x Other built the collection upon the notion of The Society of the Spectacle. Between nihilism and irony, prints and slogans that subvert the alienation and failures of a society of imitation by calling for a world where every individuality is possible, without criteria and without divisions. The brand questions the meaning of freedom nowadays, its expression and evolution within today’s society.

“Insert a coin to become an icon”. The message is clear: whoever wants to be a star, is a star, or a Microstar. The expression is inspired by Andy Warhol’s words “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”.

This season Each x Other chose to unveil its new collection only in a digital format. This choice was made in an ecological will, but also to preserve the safety of its audience and employees in these difficult times. This scenery of warped and twisted reality is inspired by the old materialistic world, doomed to disappear. Mutating and morphed faces of past and future icons are walking the Each x Other SS21 runway collection, as to initiate the soft and conscious revolution that Each x Other promotes.

Using fashion as a canvas and platform for ideas and collaborations is important to the brands founders Ilan Delouis and Jenny Mannerheim. Thanks to the “See now Buy Now” system and the new Digital Fashion Week the Each x Other collective’s community can attend this runway show “front row” and experience the new collection live with no intermediary or boundaries.

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