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Moncler gamme rouge Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

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Moncler made a splash for the « Gamme Grenoble » during New-York fashion week with the impressive settings and number of models they had. Specialist winter wear for the toughest conditions, the setting for their Women Ready to Wear show in Paris is reminiscing of their attachments to these ethos. Snow is everywhere on the runway (little mounts of it) and glacier are part of the decor to put the guests in attendance in the conditions for which Moncler gamme rouge is meant (except for the freezing to death part, that is).

Fur is the to-go look for this season as it is seen everywhere. panels of it mix to create comfy winter coats on male and female models. Huskies are also part of this very wintery show as they accompany the first wave of models on the runway.

When fur is not present, prints reminding of it are used on parkas. Winter is going to be cold and tough at Moncler, but it doesn’t prevent it from being elegant and dapper. The collection channels Eskimo-chic, the colors are basically black, whites, reds.

Imagine going on a ski vacation in style and you get the Moncler Gamme Rouge Aumtn/Winter collection. Mountains prints are found on some pieces of garments and we also witness a lot of fabric mixing (wool and outerwear fabrics), jewelry encrusted to the clothes closes the runway show. Ice queens in a very practical way, that’s the Moncler gamme rouge look for the next season.

Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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