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Masha Ma Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

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Masha Ma is a Chinese designer which puts the emphasis on structuring and bold femininity.
This seasons, black, white and navy blue seem to be the foundations of the architectural structures Masha Ma transforms into looks

You can’t go wrong with fabric mixing and the Chinese sure understood that well. Fur, found its place in a more demure ways than the last seasons. We also witness pleated fabric for which the designer is famous : peplum skirts join the show and are joined by sleeves which emulate that shape so that when the hands are put in the pockets it looks like a peplum skirt.

Swarovski crystals and zippers are found on many ensembles such as suits and jackets.
Delicate embroideries are stitched on moltonné fabric
Peplum pleat and draping meddle in the show at unexpected places such as the top of the coats.

The color palette is wintery with very nice surprises as light touches of teal and an impressive chocolate brown (on an acrylic skirt, for instance) are involved.
The dresses are belted and the detailing on the embroideries is floral, the name of the collection being « Winter garden », it makes sense.

This seasons, Masha Ma has created a very urban collection with some nice experimentation such as the shearling pieces, which easily reminds of winter clouds and lurex is used for more evening-oriented looks.

All the poetry behind the title « Winter Garden » exudes from the collection and is to be found in the smallest details.

Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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