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Islington Art Fair Week 1 – Painting and Mixed Media

by Leila
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The Islington Art Fair opened its doors on September 30th with a very unique array of artworks by many a creative artist. The event was organized at the Candid Arts Trust gallery in the borough of Islington, in their 6,500 square feet of exhibition space, with the aim to promote new artists just graduated from college. The event is part of a four week succession of fairs with themes revolving around painting, sculpture, fashion, design and photography. The first week is about painting and the use of mixed media to express the points of view of the artists.

The Islington borough has recently become a very sought after neighborhood with the increasing number of young entrepreneurs and artists seeking acomodation. It is rich in cafes, restaurants, shops, and mostly famous for a very lively nightlife. The art fair was a nest of very self-confident artists mingling in a crowd of artistic folk with the occasional very interesting outfit. Most of the attendees on the opening night, were either supporting friends of exhibitors or a few select buyers and fellow artists with invitations to the event.

From abstract oil paintings to aquarelle impressions, artists ran through concepts and ideas for the benefit of the audience. Several of the artists preferred compositions of either mixed media on canvas or embroidered cut paper. Amongst the painters and artists, we have noticed two in particular : Ottavia Rispoli and Susan Hippe. Asking them to explain a single piece of art each, here is what they said :

Differenti Punti di Vista - Olivia Rispoli 2010

Differenti Punti di Vista - Olivia Rispoli 2010

Ottavia Rispoli

“ ‘Differenti punti di vista’ (different points of view) is a painting inspired by my every day, back and forth, commuting in London underground. On one of those journeys, a particular couple inspired me. They were standing in the heavily populated car, beautiful image of the two of them together, yet somehow apart. However, they weren’t talking and that absence of communication made me realize that even though men and women’s urgency in life is different it doesn’t change how wonderful our interaction is.”

Susan Hippe

Supersonic Cockney Boy - Susan Hippe 2010

Supersonic Cockney Boy - Susan Hippe 2010

“The figure relates to the Cockney people and their tradition of dressing up in costumes full of pearls and sparkle. The man’s suit is made out of glitter, acrylic and bottle labels. The background consists of black thread bobbins in the upper half, and colored thread bobbins in the lower half. The contrast is meant to reinforces the psychedelic feel of the picture.”

To visit the art fair, head to the CANDID ARTS TRUST : 3 Torrens St, London, EC1V 1NQ, and for more information : http://www.candidarts.com

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