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New York, NY –– The interiority of our world builds itself around a single grain of sand, an irritation, a sensation synonymous with an oscillating sense of gravity, turning seasons with the wind when the feeling is right. The tide recedes, the moon pulses above the horizon and a pearl endures as if it were the shadow of a past self, vacillating. Designer Raul Lopez opens the palm of his hand to reveal this pearl and LUAR’s Spring Summer 2022 Collection titled Teteo Basico.

Following the brand’s three-season hiatus, Lopez introduces LUAR’s next chapter, one that is anchored by self-preservation and balanced by a desire for a longevity defined by emotional sustainability. The initial looks refamiliarize us with the brand’s ethos, weighty fabrics, twills and denim –– the shelled exterior that has yielded both acclaim and dissension when worn as an autobiographical narrative for Lopez. He equates these material source codes with misconception and seeks to reclaim his identity from previous notions of expectation to break the mold for BIPOC and subversive-airing designers. Utilizing silks, organzas and tulle, Lopez tangibly cultivates softness, a new, literal feel for LUAR that directly reflects the version of the self Lopez wants you to see.

Teteo Basico is an invitation for embrace. The same way that the idea of culture has been co-opted by the masses, the “underground” made to surface alongside those who don’t even know who to credit for their latest obsession, Lopez now opts to supplant “basic.” Focusing on wearability and nuanced commercialism, Lopez still supersedes standard industry definitions of trends and practices – turning basic into camp and trend-setting into candor. The pearl only becomes visible after the shell has been cracked.

Photo Credit: Dan & Corina Lecca


Styling: Kyle Luu

Makeup: Jen Myles @ Streeters (Sponsored by MAC)

Hair: Evanie Frausto @ Streeters (Sponsored by Cutler/Redken)

Nails: Naomi Yasuda @ Management Artists

Set Design: Dong-Ping Wong

Music: Gatekeeper

Casting: Brent Chua & Katherine Mateo

PR: Gia Kuan Consulting & The Hinton Group

Production: Leonel Becerra

Special Thanks: Your Friends In New York™, Jordan, Boxed Water Is Better, Ruby, Cutler, MAC Cosmetics

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