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UMA WANG Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

by pascal iakovou
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UMA WANG Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

A subconscious museum

A subconscious museum——
Ancient sea/Survivor’s ship
Falling roses/Goldfish cruising through/Blankets scented of animals’ smell

Bizarre magics/Geometric fables/A sense of drama in poker.

Facing alone the illusions of the past and present
Collecting the dreams/Sculpting the shapes/Constructing the poetic world.

Silk/Wool/Hemp——Weaving three textures of dreams

Traces of tea/Mottles of velvet——Giving time to fantasy

Don’t forget what Klein Blue once described to you——

The blowing wind, roaming clouds, and the dusk-face.

——words by Uma Wang.

The UMA WANG Fall/Winter 2021 Collection began with a dream; a collection of visual frames that Uma was only able to put into words with a poem.

The collection film explores the doors of the mind with fragments of moments and memories: a survivor’s ship, a poker game, a window to freedom, a never- ending staircase. The collection manifests the same creative sequences: coffee dye, playing cards print, Klein blue, intricate stripes.

Uma Wang has a poetic mind. Her collections live in a cerebral world where every detail – fabrics, finishes, prints, colors, shapes – becomes an artifact that serves the story telling. With this collection she offers an intimate look into her own subconscious mind, one that resembles a clandestine museum.

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