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by pascal iakovou
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A tale of intrigue and glamour, of mystery and murder— this season Dice Kayek invites us on a legendary stopover, to participate in a game of “whodunit” and gallivant around Istanbul’s illustrious hotel, the Pera Palace. For AW’21, Dice Kayek interfuses its unique take on timeless femininity with authentic turn-of-the century references, this time portraying the characters of an Agatha Christie-esque fable. Captured by frequent collaborator Marie Schuller, the collection’s accompanying short film stars a powerful lineup of revered Turkish talents, bringing this quirky murder-mystery to life. Was it the bell boy, the night guard, singer, heiress or ingénue? Set against an Ottoman masterpiece of neoclassical architecture, we are taken on a whimsical adventure to determine who killed notorious playboy, Philippe Stone. Abound with 1960’s cinematic influence, playful twists and turns ignite our curiosity, shifting focus from one Dice Kayek-clad character to the next. The composition of each look accentuates each player’s disposition, with the season’s volumes, short cocktail frocks, tailored ensembles and jewel-embroidered separates shown in black and white with bold accents – reminiscent of the stars of silent films. Silhouettes with a sleek, cartoon-like quality adorn the dazzling hotel guests as they retrace their steps to catch the mysterious villain in their midst. The first foray in cinematic intrigue for the house, and a particularly meaningful one at that, the film operates around an exclusively Turkish cast, men and women of character with deep ties to the Dice Kayek universe. Ahu Yagtu, Hatice Aslan and Selma Ergec demonstrate their acting prowess as a powerful female ensemble, with spirited cameos by the likes of Candan Ercetin as the singing diva, Burak Hakki, Rafael Cemo Cetin and Yaz Yuceil among others…

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