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MSGM is proud to present NOTTE (NIGHT), the second installment in its close collaboration with Dario Argento, legendary film director and the Master of Horror. It’s a psychological thrill ride, a suspenseful world of saturated colour, cinematic aesthetics and the intense attitude of dark poetry.

“It is my honour to collaborate with the Master, Dario Argento, and to use his work as inspiration. This is the story of a coven of young women with powers that go beyond our understanding. It is an escape from reality, a parallel universe that’s like a twisted real life,” says Massimo Giorgetti, creative director, MSGM.

MSGM’s fall winter 2020 collection is like entering into a Dario Argento film, where every excess makes terrifying sense. The look is womanly, but the energy is youthful, like the beating heart of MSGM. It’s a rich wardrobe, from dresses and tailoring to capes and faux fur coats, with femininity in the spotlight, with all its complexities.

Salt and pepper coats are cut with a neat line, ready to wrap up in the dark. Ruffle shirts have a Victorian air, like the past is suddenly happening now. Mohair cable knit cardigans and pleated wool skirts have the collegiate sensibility of unsuspecting characters, arriving for their first day.

MSGM worked directly with Dario Argento on prints from his films, like Turin’s Villa Scott, the setting for Deep Red, turned into a toile de jouy on sheer georgette dresses, or posters from the Master’s movies – Suspiria, Deep Red, Phenomena, The Cat O’Nine Tails – printed on twill shirts and skirts.

Asymmetric wool capes in solid colours have a deadly mystery, like a character has just appeared out of the darkness, yet to reveal their truth. Silvered coats have the sharp aesthetic of an idealised movie world, the silver a nod to the director’s surname: Argento is “silver” in Italian.

Little dresses are hauntingly doll-like, while over-dyed pop-colour denim is mismatched with contrasting colour sweats and lace tops, mirroring Argento’s saturated colour world. Gowns are luxuriant, like a liquid gold long-sleeve ruffle-neck dress, or a fuschia Victorian dress with a V-neck of extravagant ruffles. Faux-fur coats are worn over dresses that shimmer with sequins.

Mary Janes come to a strong point, while multi-strap sandals are cut with severe square toe, worn with socks to play with innocence. Bags may have straps, but they are held safely in the hand.

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