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Hexa by Kuho Autumn/Winter 2013/2014

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The Autumn/Winter collection for Hexa by Kuho opens on yellow looks and fabric mixing. The colour palette could lead the viewer to think that this collection is joyful and light hearted but the single prints on the clothing are here to remind us that it is not the case.

Grenades and shells are the prints the designer, Jung Kuho, has chosen to integrate to his serious yet colorful and elegant collection. The contrast between the inherent the prints and the colors translate well the duality behind the name of this collection « Resistance l’amour » (resistance love).

Love is a complex feeling and here the lexical fields of both love and war (expressed by the noun « resistance ») are distilled throughout the show.

The black looks usually remind of the darkness and the worst that may be found in the human heart : war and its accessories are used on many occasions, most notably on 3D-prints.
Love on the other hand is the grandest feeling people are capable of, and as such, is expressed by the use of shiny fabrics (sequins and leather), bold colors (yellow, red, white).

Overall, the Hexa by Kuho collection comes from the darkness and evolves to a very poetical outcome as the white and pristine looks close the shows.

Mary Yasmine Arrouche

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