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Salvador Dali – The Clot Collection

by Leila
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Santa Teresa . Bronze on marble base . ca 1974 . 23.5cm in height . signed ‘Dali’ and stamped

Olyvia Fine Art Gallery is about to showcase “The Clot Collection” from renowned artist Salvador Dali.


The collection consists of 44 bronze sculptures, illustrating every single interest the artist had over the years, from Greek canons of the human body, to Antiquity and its themes of Christianity, Spain with Don Quixote and Santa Teresa of Avila, and of course his muse and lover Gala.


The exhibition will take place at the Gallery from October 4th to October 26th 2012.


Dali aficionados, to your horses!


More information on the exhibition can be found at www.olyviafineart.com

Leila Nabih ( [email protected]

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