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Temperley London London Fashion Week SS2012

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The star of Temperley London has been on a truly meteoric rise the past year very much thanks to Kate Middleton and her royalty status.

Designer Alice, seems to be relishing in the glory as she presented an inspired vision for Spring/Summer 12 that revisited the timeless style of another iconic royal, Grace Kelly.
Rather intelligently the designer focused on Kelly’s sassy silver screen character Tracy Lord from the 1956 film ‘High Society’ instead of princess era Kelly which we have seen much of lately.
The silver screen reference’s proved to be the main focus of the collection, as the star studded audience were treated to divine kimono capes, sparkly dresses, silky suits and delightfully sheer knitwear. A Well thought of collection that was masterfully constructed, making it look like a breeze.
There were also a mixture of the glamorous 20s in the collection with kaftan-like silhouette
and silk head scarves.
The intricate embroidery evoked feelings high luxury that very few London designer have.
One can’t help but imagine to see the future queen of England in one the more sexier pieces in a grand ball. However enticing the thought it might be,it seems much more likely to see Pippa Middleton (who attended the show) in one of the more daring pieces.

A very accomplished celebration of brands 10th anniversary, and certainly a proclamation that Temperley might well be the next truly global luxury export after Burberry and Mulberry.

Fernando Torres

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