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Technology and design, luxury and comfort, refined elegance and driving dynamism. All mixed together to experience the quiet revolution of an unexpected way of driving.
An unprecedented experience, the offspring of two different sources, luxury within reach: a combination of elements generating something unique and new. This is hybrid, not only a matter of technology, but also of a state of mind. This is CT 200h, a full hybrid compact car, generating a quiet revolution in driving.

The first ever full-hybrid vehicle in the heart of the premium compact segment is designed to appeal to the trendiest young consumers, in search of comfort and luxury, driving pleasure and environmentally-conscious measures. Because “going hybrid” is the best way to have it all: performance both in environmental and driving experience; design, combining the intensity of being at the ‘leading-edge’ and the Lexus‘ finesse; comfort, mixing an ideal low driving position, ultra-comfortable seats and outstanding ergonomics cockpit surroundings. In addition, two driving moods synthesized in one car: the CT 200h matches one’s preferred driving style, switching from Dynamic to Relaxing mode in order to tune the car’s performance with the driver’s state of mind. The Relaxing driving mode offers the ride comfort and smooth acceleration ideal for facing the urban driving with minimal noise and emissions, while the Sport mode focuses on a Dynamic driving mood, maximizes the car’s performance and agility, and gives a faster response to the driver’s inputs.

CT 200h full hybrid technology (Lexus Hybrid Drive) is unique in its segment. The system features a petrol engine combined with an electric motor, offering total power of 136 DIN hp, a seamless and quiet acceleration thanks to its hybrid transmission and a class leading CO2 emissions of 87g/km. Also, when considering NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) alongside CO2 , CT 200h is the cleanest car with an internal combustion engine available on the European bar none.

But the Lexus CT 200h experience is not only defined by its hybrid technology: it is also the combination of aesthetic elements, designed to enhance the driving pleasure: exterior and interior design, elegance and dynamism, innovative features and superior quality, all elements put together to make the CT 200h driving experience exceptional. Embodying the exterior
L-finesse design philosophy, the CT 200h expresses a perfect balance of precision and power, embedded into the car’s interior. Here, the elegant and spacious cabin design features a dashboard divided into two zones, the Display and Operation Zone, creating a unique fusion of an airy and comfortable cabin and a sporting cockpit. Metallic finishes and dark, soft touch materials express the quality of carefully designed interior, available in Black, Ivory or Grey leather trim and upholstery or in Black, Red, Ivory or Brown fabric finishes, all made to be combined with Storm Black, Brown Ash Burl Wood or Tropical Bamboo dashboard inserts. Available in ten trendy colours, the CT 200h will also “wear” two newly developed ones: the Solar Yellow and Sienna Brown.

For high-tech lovers, the car is equipped with the IF design award-winning Remote Touch system to easily access the audio, navigation, climate, phone and vehicle set-up system. This device operates on the same fundamental principles as a computer mouse but has been specifically adapted for the use of driving environment. A back monitor is also available, automatically projecting a full colour, camera fed image of the view behind the vehicle onto the navi display or the inner rear view mirror whenever the reverse gear is engaged. Integral guide monitor lines further assist with precise vehicle placement for curb clearance and parallel parking.

For the most demanding audiophiles, the CT 200h also offers the ultimate car audio system, created in exclusive partnership with Mark Levinson®.
Mark Levinson® components are renowned for their acoustical integrity, authenticity, harmonic richness and meticulous audio engineering. This Premium Sound System features 13 speakers and a sound library facility, using compact disc database to transfer and store music files up to a 10Gb capacity.

Compact size, full hybrid technology, low emissions, refinement and driving pleasure, elegance and also the luxury within reach: an extremely unusual combination of elements generating something new, unique and different.

The Lexus CT 200h marks the birth of a perfect concept meant to give inspiration for a new driving experience: the quiet revolution is about to start.

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