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Diane Gevorgian’s Strong Silhouettes

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An interview with Diane Gevorgian, freshly graduated from University of East London. Diana launched her brand this year, showing a very promising Spring/Summer collection at Untold Season VI.

For your first collection, you used really contrasted materials, virile-connoted metal and leather, combined with utterly feminine chiffon. Also, the silhouettes are very strong, conquering, almost martial. Was it a one-off or is it something you want to keep exploring?

Yes, it is something that I will keep exploring. My brand Gevorgian is all about luxury, avant-garde and unique garments, ideal for music videos and other filming. Also for the fashion lover clientele, who wants something different and something very unique. My second line DiV however which will sell in Moscow from October will be more everyday wear, elegant evening wear for the middle aged working women. It will also be available to purchase online www.gevorgian.co.uk.

Can you tell me more about the metal roosters, which would have been found at a car boot sale? Is that true? Is it that you really love metal as a material, or did you want to add a sort of « rough » touch to your sophisticated silhouettes?

Yes, it’s true. I found them in a car boot sale that I often visit, where I buy antiques and inspirational items for my collections. The very moment I saw the metal roosters, I knew exactly what I was going to do with them, so it was a nice surprise. Talking about wanting to add a rough touch, I always want to add a different, unique touch to my collections, and each time it will be a surprise, who knows what it will be next time instead of the metal work.

You have just graduated from University of East London, but what would be Diane Gevorgian signature silhouette?

 Luxury avant-garde elegant evening dress will be my signature look.

What are your sources of inspiration?

It differs, usually I take inspiration when I’m abroad travelling, or it might be something I see in the street, something I buy, or a film that I see.

You have been compared to a young Alexander McQueen. What designer(s) inspire(s) you most, whether they are contemporary or iconic designers from the past? 

It is an honour for me to be compared to McQueen, he is always a big inspiration for me.  Armani was my biggest inspiration when I first started designing, his classic, elegant eveningwear and suits were always very desirable for me. I myself concentrated designing elegant wear, I later added the unique twist to my elegant luxury wear.

What will be new in next season’s collection? How would you describe it?

Next season’s collection will mainly concentrate on my second line DiV, it will include classic workwear, elegant eveningwear and occasional wear for the middle aged working women in Moscow. At the same time my original line Gevorgian will continue to surprise its clientele with its luxury avant-garde collection which will have a unique twist which will include its signature elegant eveningwear.

What would be the philosophy behind your brand?

The philosophy behind my brand is to provide beautiful clothes for different purposes, for the fashion lover working women who like to dress to impress at work and also at different occasions, also for the fashion lover clientele such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and other artists who like to dress to become inspirational icons.

What is your background? Have you always wanted to work in fashion? Please tell us how you fell in love with fashion!

 I am originally from Armenia, I came to the UK when I was 13 and lived here since. I fell in love with fashion when I was 8 years old, as much as I loved playing outside with friends I also staying at home on Saturdays to watch a catwalk show programme which was on every week. For me that moment was very special, I used to watch and picture my clothes on the catwalk instead. I started drawing clothes from age of 8. Being Armenian plays a big role for me I come from a country which is full of history, traditions being one of the old nations in the world, it has full of great artists and musicians such as Ayvasovski and Sharl Asnauor which all inspire me hugely.

How do you see yourself and your brand evolve in the next few years?  What would be your dream career unfolding? 

I will continue selling my second line DiV in a few stores in Moscow and also abroad including in England and Armenia.  My original line Gevorgian I want to see in music videos such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna and in films. I have also started designing shoes, handbags and other accessories.

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Interview by Laurie Guillem

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