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Mario Testino and muse Kate Moss

by Leila
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Kate Who? Well, Kate Moss of course…by whom? By Mr Mario Testino himself!

In a few days time, an exhibition of historical proportion to the fashion world will take place in London. An exhibition which involves two iconic figures of the 20th century, Mario Testino and Kate Moss.

In media history, and especially with the rise of modern photography into the fashion world, we have seen several unique partnerships between muses and their photographers. An illustration is the Kate Who? upcoming exhibition of Mario Testino’s collection of photographs of supermodel Kate Moss. The display of such a collection isn’t a recurring event in the fashion world and it will, without a doubt, be regarded as one of the events of the season.

British super-model Kate Moss’s rise in fame starts with her being spotted at 14 years-old by a modelling scout, and thus consequently by her appearances in several fashion related campaigns (with designer labels such as Gucci, Dolce& Gabbana, Versace, Calvin Klein, and many more). Her fame is also the result of her party lifestyle and her high profile relationships. She is considered, according to Forbes Magazine, to be the second from a list of 15 top-earning models. She has appeared on the cover of several major fashion publications; she has launched her clothing fashion line in collaboration with British store TopShop, released several fragrances with Coty, has won many awards, but is especially considered today as a fashion icon because of her influence on the fashion world.

Mario Testino, originally from the beautiful country of Peru, studied economics, law and international relations. He moved to London in 1982 where he discovered his passion and skill for professional photography. Today, one of the most celebrated photographers of the century; he has developed his portfolio to include high-ranked celebrities, Royalties and fashion designers. He has worked with brands such as Gucci, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and many more, and collaborated with renown fashion publications such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and V Magazine. He has directed commercials and films as well as published several books. Some of his most recent projects feature his artistic skills of capturing moments on still and/or moving camera.

Both artists have left their mark in their respective industry, so much so, that this partnership will remain recorded in history as one of equally meaningful value and importance.

1996 (Paris, 1996) © Mario Testino. (184 × 264 cm -Edition of 2,145 × 184 cm- Edition of 3)

In a collection of eighteen glamorous images, Mario Testino illustrates how his relationship with the supermodel evolved, in line with the aesthetics of photography and the elements of fashion in the industry. “Kate represents the ultimate kind of woman, an icon of our times. Not just an image of beauty, but of a life-style, an attitude. She has been a catalyst for many things and transcends the notion of a model who models a ‘look’ or a hair style – she represents a world, a whole way of being, living in a moment where everything is communicated globally and without restraint.” he says. Indeed looking at the selected photographs, he has captured a woman who isn’t afraid of who she is or what she represents. She is sensual and feminine, confident in some of the exhibited collection, yet shy and reserved in other photographs. She is free from boundaries, limitless in her possibilities. Her world is her own and she knows it. She owns it. She is the modern woman of the 20th century.

As Mr Simon de Pury, chairman of Philips de Pury & company describes her: “Kate Moss is the quintessential woman of our time. Her iconic impact can only be compared to women from other eras such as Marilyn Monroe, Botticelli’s Venus or to the Mona Lisa. Like her illustrious predecessors, her myth will forever be associated to that of a great artist; in her case Mario Testino.”

The collections will be featured and available for sale at Phillips de Pury & Company gallery in London from July 5th to July 15th, 2010. They will be available for viewing at the Saatchi Gallery from the 16th July 2010.

For further information, please visit www.mariotestino.com

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