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The Key to A Woman’s Heart

by laurie
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What is more mysterious and full of delightful promises than a key? The sesame to secret rooms and compartments where the most precious treasures are jealously kept.

In today’s world where sad little magnetic cards and electronic code locks have taken control, Tiffany & Co has decided to bring keys back, in the most beautiful fashion. The mythic Maison launched a new jewellery collection, inspired by keys from the Tiffany & Co Archives, that once unlocked jewellery boxes, albums, diaries or even private clubs and manors.

Reworked in iconic pendants and charms, these magical talismans come in an array of metals and exquisite designs, heart-shaped, medallion-shaped, poetic flower-topped keys, as well as luxurious keys set with sparkling diamonds. Each and every one of them tells a story and will fire the imagination of the curious! History, mystery and chic, is there any better combination?

Photo: © Tiffany & Co


Laurie Guillem    

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