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Minna Parikka’s delightfully feminine world

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Finnish shoe designer Minna Parikka feels she has been granted a mission. As stated on her website, it’s a strange paradox that the world of women’s shoe design is dominated by men and she is determined to change it!

As a result, not only are her shoes breathtakingly beautiful, but they are also very comfortable. We know, comfort is not always our priority when it comes to shoes but hey, can’t really hurt! Made of the finest materials and with great attention to detail, Minna Parikka’s collections combine sensuality and playfulness with a hint of burlesque. 40’s and 50’s designs, heart-shaped cutouts, exquisite and utterly feminine colours… these shoes are for women who feel, or want to feel, empowered by their feminity and like to play, whether they’re stepping in the boardroom or the bedroom.

The flagship boutique opened in Helsinki in 2008, but Minna Parikka’s creations are sold in ten countries, including several retailers in London, and are now also available online. One of the many prestigious collaborations of the brand includes the legendary Crazy Horse in Paris in 2009, where dancers wore nothing but lights… and Minna’s shoes!


Laurie Guillem

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