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Premier Vision is all about trends!

by Evgenya
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Premiere Vision trade fair was an excellent opportunity to become familiar with new trends in fabrics and accesoires. Concerning women clothing I pointed out a city elegance in contrast to tasteful tailoring colors + artificial black trend. Inverted roles between shirting cottons and tie silks, confabulations between a neatlly gridded fluidity and an unstable geometry – are the brightest directions in new coming fashion. Suddenly people desire to be contained by simple garments that fit and fell like s skertch, just the begginnung of an idea, nothing extraordinary.

Fashion at last embraces the idea of serial industrial design and comes of age relating itself to the ever more powerful world of form. As about colors for shirts – i will strongly recommend biege and yellow or smooth brown colors (its a new trend) + of course deep black like « Hole Black ».

The embroidery mania is evolving towards a more autonomous and crafted ideal taken form the world of art and design. Embroidery becomes a cultural movement to reckon with, giving much needed content to fashion. Painting, inspiring a countifield folklore and masculine stripped and graphic fabrics with dots and dashes will be suitable for new line clothing this season.

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