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Consulting and training in digital marketing of luxury goods by Idaos / Luxsure

by pascal iakovou

Consulting and training in digital marketing of luxury goods

Expert in the luxury sector for almost 10 years, Luxsure is diversifying by joining forces with Idaos/DigitalAcademy, an agency and training institute specializing in digital marketing and transformation.

Together, we offer to support you in consulting, operational deployment and training of your teams.

Our offers:

1/ Consulting and operational support

Succeed in your digital transformation: digital technology impacts all hierarchical levels and all professions within your company. Luxsure/Idaos supports you at every stage, taking into account the specificities of your sector: audit, management committee work, change management workshops, etc.

Define a digital marketing strategy: Luxsure and Idaos have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the luxury sector and the digital marketing levers that can help meet them. Whatever your problem, we will first answer it by thinking about your targets and your messages before thinking about the best digital channels to address them.

Listen and build your e-reputation Listening, in real time, to what is being said about your brand and your products on the Web, analyzing the content, identifying your influencers, being prepared in sensitive situations and, above all, modifying your communication strategy in order to build a positive reputation, these are all issues that we will help you address.

Influencing via social media Social media : we accompany you, in France and abroad, in the deployment of your social media strategies: definition of editorial line, creation of content (texts, photos, videos, infographics, GIFs, live…), community management, identification and collaboration with influencers, management of customer relations and your after-sales service, integration of paid in the system…

2/ The Blogging Academy: The tool for understanding influence, by influencers, for brands

Luxsure group is launching the Blogging Academy, a training course for professionals, born from the desire to bring brands and influencers together to optimize their collaboration. The Luxsure team surveyed the « influosphere » to identify the factors of misunderstanding between these two actors and facilitate dialogue, develop ambitious projects, and offer more value to their audiences.

Influence is a lot of territories to understand and few keys to understand. An influencer is above all a passionate person looking for experiences to live with brands. They often confuse communication with relationship, content with advertising.

The Blogging Academy goes beyond data, likes and out-of-the-box strategies, and allows your brand to master its tone, its relationship with influencers and its impact.

The Blogging Academy is a comprehensive training program that combines fundamental knowledge, influence marketing, unique knowledge of the field, real-life situations, and the presence of key influencers.

The fundamental Blogging Academy package includes a half-day of training, including two workshops to optimize and evaluate your branding strategy. How to find your own influencers, match them with your brand DNA, identify their needs, understand the real reach of your campaigns.

The Blogging Academy offers to go further with exclusive masterclasses led by the most important influencers in lifestyle fashion, beauty, food, wine and spirits among others, whether they are bloggers, bloggers or Instagrammers. Share the life of an influencer, understand their passions and motivators, and maximize their mutual benefits.

In addition to the Blogging Academy, Luxsure / Idaos is partnering to offer digital training courses including :

Monitoring and e-reputation: why and especially how to follow, in real time, everything that is said about your brand and your products on the Web? Which monitoring tool to choose? How to use it? What metrics should you focus on when analyzing? How to prepare for sensitive situations? How can you make monitoring a tool for your communication strategy?

Community management: create, animate, build loyalty, extend a community, define its editorial line, master the rules of conversation, including in sensitive situations or for after-sales service purposes, make the most of the tools available to the community manager, etc.

Overview of social networks: the challenges of the social web today, especially for luxury brands, which platforms for which challenges? Focus on key platforms and practical application (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.): case studies around your issues and implementation workshops.

Whether it takes place inter-company, i.e. within a group of participants from different actors, or in-company, i.e. on your premises, as close as possible to your problems, our training approach is always very practical with time dedicated to practical workshops and case studies.

Our references

Barbara Bui (digital marketing training over three days),
Comité Montaigne (Influencers animation since 2013)
Tomorrow at dawn (Consulting Influence)
Optic2000 (Consulting Influence)
Be bang (Consulting Influence)
Sweet Inn (Organization of influencer events)
Buzzparadise (Influence Manager)
Marvin Watches (Organization of influencer events)
Coeur de Gemmes (Organization of influencer events)
TéléZ (Consulting Influence)
Doctors of the World (Consulting Influence)
Holywood Twist (Social Media Strategy Europe)
L’Or Espresso ( Social media strategies and community management )
Bacardi Martini France (Community Management of all the group’s pages)
Sab Miller (Community Management France)
Inpes (Community Management)
Benchmark Group (Community Management)
M6 Group (Community Management)
Havaianas (Social Media Strategy Europe and community management for 4 years)
Nuance (Social Media Strategy Europe)
Pataugas (Social Media Strategy Europe )

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