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Whisky ROZELIEURES: visionary eco-responsibility

by pascal iakovou
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Rozelieures, an exceptional distillery that masters its entire production process, from the cultivation of the cereals to the aging of the whisky. Located between Nancy and Épinal, this family distillery has been run by the Grallet-Dupic family for six generations and is a true reference in the world of whisky.

But Rozelieures is not satisfied to control the quality of its final product, it also cares about the environmental impact of its production. For the past 15 years, the distillery has been committed to energy autonomy by choosing green energy. It is also a pioneer in energy production thanks to solar panels installed on its roof in 2008, methanization since 2013, as well as a 3.2 km heating network loop.

The choice of green energies in Rozelieures is not insignificant. Christophe Dupic, the owner of the distillery, was always convinced that cheap energy would not last. It has thus chosen to focus on acquiring its energy independence by investing more than 2 million euros in this process. A visionary choice for the production of biogas that responds perfectly to current ecological and economic issues.

The energy production of the distillery is a virtuous circle. The waste from the distillery is used to produce energy via the methanization unit in biogas cogeneration. The organic effluents from biogas production are very rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which allows natural fertilizers to be applied to the fields to promote their growth. This is a virtuous circle that allows the three partners to halve their external purchases of nitrogen fertilizers and quadruple their phosphorus fertilizers.

In addition to the ecological aspect, the methanization unit also allows to heat the houses of the village, the offices and the store of the distillery, as well as the water necessary for the brewing and the distillation. The electricity produced provides 240 households with electricity 24 hours a day.

In short, Rozelieures is a distillery that distinguishes itself by its ability to control its entire production process, from the cultivation of the cereals to the aging of the whisky, all the while taking care to preserve the environment. Its approach to energy autonomy is a fine example of a circular economy in a short circuit, one to be followed by industry players. Rozelieures, the pioneer distillery from earth to glass!

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