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Poiray is above all an ode to femininity, a celebration of elegance and sophistication. Since its creation in 1975, this renowned jewelry house has established itself as the epitome of excellence, creativity and craftsmanship.

The Poiray watch collection is a masterpiece of refinement and ingenuity. The iconic « Ma Première » watch is a true jewel of technology, with its unique ratchet opening system that allows the wearer to change bracelets as they please. And what a range of choices! From the turquoise lizard bracelet for a touch of exoticism, to the royal blue alligator bracelet for a more royal look, to the azure blue patent calfskin bracelet for a more sophisticated look, there is something for every taste and every occasion.

But the real star of the new year is the « Interlaced Heart » collection. Emblematic of the House of Poiray for thirty years, this collection will be enriched in 2023 with a new enamel line. And what about this celadon blue hue, which is elegantly featured on bracelets, necklaces and rose gold earrings? It is a real favorite for all women in search of originality and finesse.

And what about the jewelry collection of the House of Poiray? The « Filles Antik », « Indrani », « Lolita » or « Ma Préférence » rings are true masterpieces of creativity and sophistication. The « Filles Antik » collection is a true tribute to the timeless elegance of the House of Poiray, with its soft curves in pink gold and its gourmand colored stones. The « Indrani » rings, named after an Indian goddess, are a true ode to the spirit of cocktail rings, revisited with Parisian chic.

The « Ma Préférence » ring is a real firework of colors, with its twelve ring bodies, eight yellow, pink or white gold bezels, set with or without diamonds, and nineteen faceted or cabochon-cut gemstones. And what about the « Lolita » collection, with its fine stones in square, round or triangle cuts, which give these jewels all their joyful singularity?

Finally, how can we not succumb to the absolute charm of the « L’Attrape-Cœur » collection? In turquoise or lapis lazuli, these yellow gold necklaces, bracelets and earrings are a great addition to any occasion and any outfit. With the House of Poiray, women can reinvent themselves endlessly, mixing colors, shapes and modular details.

In short, the House of Poiray is a true treasure of French jewelry, a symbol of elegance, sophistication and creativity. With its watch and jewelry collections, Poiray accompanies every woman in her quest for originality and refinement, offering exceptional jewelry that reflects her unique personality.

Each Poiray piece is the result of exceptional craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation. The noble materials and the fine stones are worked with the greatest care, in the respect of the traditions of the high jewelry. Each piece of jewelry is a true work of art, embodying the talent and passion of Poiray’s craftsmen.

Whether you are looking for an exceptional piece of jewelry to celebrate an important moment in your life, or simply want to treat yourself to a unique and timeless piece, Poiray is the ideal destination for all lovers of French beauty and elegance.

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