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“No words to describe it. Poetry! They should have sent a poet. So beautiful. So beautiful… I had no idea.”

——Contact, 1997

The Oscar nominated film “Contact”, released in 1997, was not a science fiction film in a traditional sense. Adapted from the original novel by former astronomer Carl Sagan, the film took place at the intersection of science, politics and faith when a radio astronomer, discovers the existence of intelligent aliens through radio signals.

ANИAKIKI 2021 Spring/Summer collection brings out the romantic fantasy of Universe by using the language of fashion to translate inspirations into this new season’s offering. The sharp silhouette, with smooth curvy lines added to the shoulder, arm, and waist, transforms the wearer into a planet which emite radio waves around herself with a surrealist touch. The 3D construction of the sleeve design is a major key element in the new collection. ANИAKIKI deliberately creates a series of exagerated and sculptural sleeve shapes, such as fluffy and plump puff sleeves, or even half a single sleeve, half a girdle. Each of them has greatly enriched the fun and visual perception of the entire collection.

In terms of color, the low-key black, white, and grey constructs the main color palette, while incorporating different shades of star pink and cosmo blue for a pop visual effect. The pulsar planets become the decorative patterns on the clothing showing a gradient effect, which reflects the poetic thinking that how the designer conceives the human body as the starry sky of the universe. Rich in fabric textures and precise in cutting skills, the collection makes models look like numerous characters from any science fiction films.

With the release of ANИAKIKI 2021 Spring/Summer collection, the brand will also premiere a digital fashion show on Milan Fashion Week’s official calendar and on annakiki.com at 5PM CET 26th September 2020. In the video, models appearing in futuristic shapes seem to be walking in an alternative universe full of mercury. The continuous conversion of the lens will guide the audience to gaze at several details from the collection: innovative fabrics, cool silhouette, abstract and eccentric ornaments on the model’s face (created by artist Anastasia Pilepchuk), all of which are there to enhance the visual presentation and narrative of this new collection.

In “Contact”, the scientist was struck by the incredible beauty of the cosmos after travelling through the wormhole. The rational mind has now given way to the emotional subjective response. And this is the source of inspiration and motivation for ANИAKIKI ‘s latest creations, which is to capture the social evolution of civilization and the fluctuation of human emotions.
Drawing inspiration from the future, and reshaping it with modern techniques. In the creative world of ANИAKIKI, the future, technology, and aesthetics are no longer independent from each other, but are truly integrated and symbiotic.

With ss 2021 collection, ANИAKIKI is ready to launch a whole new brand image.
The inspiration of the whole new ANИAKIKI font came from Neo-Grotesque, presented with an asymmetrical style, simple font and low contrast.
The “N” with the mirror effect is the new definition for the whole new ANИAKIKI,
“Peculiar vs Classic, Fashion vs Technology, Present vs Future”
“The mirror has two faces”
The identity of the new font emphasis the presence of each and every single letter representing the freedom and the possibilities that the brand can generate.
The details, with the hint of balance, are the key points reflecting the uniqueness of the brand.
When Fashion crosses paths with technology,
it is simply like a two-faced mirror.
Starting now, ANИAKIKI will keep communicating with the language of reverse thinking and anti-traditional, as well as the surreal feeling of the future and technology, thinking outside the box, creating the unique feminine image and embracing the multiple possibilities of fashion design to push back all design boundaries.

Creative Director: Anna YANG

Production: Team quanxxx

Makeup: Team BaoQi

Music: 巳 nake
PR: Poly Global Advisory

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