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by pascal iakovou
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Based on the principle that energetic balance is fundamental for maintaining good health and receptivity to medication, the ACMOS method (Analysis of the Compatibility of Materials on the Body and their Synergy) consists of helping the body to regulate its energy circuits. It recommends a personalized plan adapted to each individual.

Inspired by Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the method is based on the observation that in the face of stress or tension, the body struggles to re-establish balance via its energy circuits. Its action is located at the level of acupuncture points comparable to circuit breakers.

We begin by measuring the vitality of the cellular groups that make up the body in its three dimensions: physical, emotional and psychic, and to identify the more or less advanced disturbances in the organism.

A range of natural regulators (essential oils, minerals, trace elements, homeopathy, phytotherapy…) helps to restore the energetic harmonies of the body. We arrive at a potentiation, that is to say an indication of the compatibility, the dosage and the dosage of the drugs, as well as the analysis of the compatibilities: vibratory quality, compatibility with the absorbent and other absorbed products.

This method is applicable to many health and fitness professionals, environmental specialists, housing specialists and corporate stress management specialists.

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